• The Farm

The Farm

The organic farm produces numerous food products: our “hamper” varies according to the season.

In the land surrounding the villa we have introduced mycorrhized plants for the production of summer scorzone truffles. The plants, which are of the native species oak, hornbeam and nocciolo improve the existing natural truffles which have been productive for many decades.

From 1985, Limousine breed bovines (originally from the French Limoges region) have been raised within the farm structure. This breed, which lives in a semi-wild state, stand out for the excellent quality of their meat. The cattle are fed a diet exclusively of cereals and pasture on the farm.

The family vegetable garden produces potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce, aubergines, peppers, green beans and is available to guests.

On the lands in front of the villa fruit trees and table grapes are cultivated.