Given the exceptional circumstances we currently face, we are offering extra flexibility and support for all new bookings.

Total SAFETY during your stay is guarantee by:

  • The PROPERTY is a fenced villa -2 buildings - inside an organic farm owned by the family who rent the villa. The access to the property is by a gate - guests will open it by a personal code.

  • PRIVACY – The Villa is exclusively rented to just 1 group at the time, no more guests around just your family and

  • LARGE SPACES - Every guest has more than 25/30mq inside the villa and the garden offers spaces for more than 150 mq for each guest.

  • FAMILY TEAM MEMBER - Our staff is basically from the owner’s family:  Francesca, owner and manager, Novella her mum helping with the garden and living in the promises. Additional cleaning staff could be available in case of need. Small number of staff would help to feel safe and secure in our property.

  • CLEANNING/ HYGENIC STANDARD - Hygiene and cleanliness are always prioritized. We follow the guidelines of local health authorities and act according to our set-up routines and procedures. Everyone, including guests and team members, has easy access to health station with handwipes and hygiene gel. In the kitchen inside the villa we provide a professional sterilized dishwasher to our guests.

  • PRIVATE RESTAURANT OR FOOD TO TAKE AWAY JUST FOR GUESTS STAYING AT THE VILLA. Our food is made just for guests staying at the villa. We cook in our professional kitchen (just by the restaurant room). We have strict hand hygiene policies for our team members preparing food. Our food is made with local organic ingredients.

  • POOL HYGENIC STANDARD – The pool is fenced; entrance is by a gate closing with keys. Hygienic standard of the water is check daily. The heating system ensure the temperature of the water at 25C°.

  • FEW CASES OF CORONOVIRUS IN THE AREA – Number of confirmed cases in the area, Casentino Valley – Tuscany (where we are) is less than 60. No death at all, that means people reacted very well by strictly  following medical instruction.  Closest hospital, with first aid open h24,  is 7 km away.


We welcome guests into our property with the same warmth and hospitality we have always done, we are committed to keeping you informed and take care of you.